Friday, January 20, 2006

A fresh introduction

I’ve decided to change the blog format. Instead of simply posting a children’s story once a week, I will do daily posts chatting about my views and experiences writing for children and parenting.

The reason for the change is I’m new to blogging and did not initially consider how stale a blog could get if not updated daily. Also, once I’d posted a couple of stories, I realised that the whole thing lacked warmth. A blog is supposed to provide an opportunity to connect with people. What I was building was a rather nice vault where I could store my children’s stories and invite you to read them.

I also have strong views about children’s fiction that I’d like to share. It came to me as I read Cinderella for the 1000th time for my daughter (the Disney Princess version) that I disagreed quite strongly with how helpless the young lady was, first enduring abuse from her stepmother and stepsisters and not acting proactively when she does meet the prince (her way out). I thought she should have told him who she was and given him her address.

I’m also beginning to accept that modern African children who are as familiar with the Powerpuff Girls, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie as they are with Sananapo have a hard time assimilating conflicting fairytale beliefs. For example, my 7-year daughter’s Caucasian friends believe in Santa and the Fairy Godmother. She’s reserving judgement on Santa, but she recently announced that she doesn’t believe in the Fairy Godmother.
“I’ve lost 6 teeth so far, and she has never visited me or given me anything,’ she said
When her friend argued that the Fairy Godmother did indeed exist, my daughter said:” When you next see her, you tell her she owes me coins for every tooth I’ve lost. If she does pay up, maybe I’ll start believing in her.”

The issue wasn’t about money. It was about the fact that children of my tribe throw the lost tooth onto the roof of the house, then ask the gods to grant a new tooth. Proof that the gods exist is the new tooth that grows later. Coins would provide proof that the Fairy Godmother exists and is doing her job.

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Anonymous said...

You're quite right - I love that you're making comments as well.. and telling your readers how you personally feel. It adds depth and warmth to the blog. Have now bookmarked it and will eventually catch up on all the posted blogs, and look forward to visiting, if not each day, but at least once a week. Excellent work, Sam!

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