Monday, September 10, 2007

A letter from Flic en Flac, Mauritius

The short story is, I’m in Flac en Flac in Mauritius, attending SATNAC 2007, the annual telecommunications conference, to report on it for ITWeb.
The conference takes place over a four-day period. My participation is sponsored by Telkom.

I’m staying at La Pirogue, ( see above) and the actual conference is held next door at the Sugar Beach Resort.
Check out the two resorts online – very luxurious and it’s great to be able to talk walk on the long stretches of beachfront. The service is great; and yes, the views look just like what you see in the picture.

The work is also going well. I filed my first story this morning and the event end ends on Thursday. We arrived on Saturday, and spent yesterday just chilling and exploring the place.

Baby was not quite happy about my traveling soon after her arrival. But I don’t travel often during her school year, and I figured she can deal with this.


A friend of hers spent Friday night at my house to keep her busy so she doesn’t think too much about my imminent trip. Then I took them to the park in the morning to walk and play, before dropping them off at school.It was open day.

She was very sad that I wouldn’t see her take part in the gymnastics demonstration. I’m a little unhappy about that too. But it’s rare that I take work trips during her school term, so I figured she should deal with this once in a while adventure.

My helper has moved in, and a couple of friends will pop in to make sure things are running smoothly. I also bought Baby airtime so she can call me on my cellphone anytime.

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