Friday, May 30, 2008

SCWBI Blogging Workshop Went Well

Last week I facilitated at the SCWBI's workshop on blogging for writers and illustrators. I tried to be as well prepared as possible, and thankfully, the event went very well.

The participants were eager to learn, but also willing to share their experiences and reservations. I felt honoured to have the oportunity to present my views and experiences to such talented individuals.

Some of them are considering starting their own blogs, and are still evaluating how a blog can move their writing/illustrating/publishing/production careers to the next level. I hope that they do get the blogs off the ground.

And as I mentioned previously on this blog, I am happy to profile local/African writers, review their books and link to the web sites and blogs, so we can help each other grow as professionals.

The presentation from the workshop was made freely available through the SCWBI Gauteng.

I have also uploaded the presentation on Slive Slive ( To access it, the presenter's name is "Storypot" and I did not put in a passcode, so leave that space blank. I hope that you find the presentation useful.

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