Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Doing a happy dance

Woowooo! It looks like I will be able to free up the space that I'm planning to use as my home office this month.

My current home office is a smaller corner of the living room of my home.

I have a small garden cottage, but it has good reliable tenants who've been staying here for years, and whose income I didn't want to lose.

So I decided to extend another outside building and convert it into a one-bedroomed cottage with open plan kitchen / livingroom and shower/toilet (sorry about the bad lighting).

Building work began in March, and today, the guy helping with the building work did the first coat on the exterior walls.

Doors and windows are installed, and the plumbing, electrification, flooring and painting inside is done.

He assures me that tenants can move into their new space over the weekend, freeing up the space I wanted.

Words are not enough to communicate how excited I am. Finally I will have a large space to work, file my documents and books, even hang pictures, storyboards etc on the walls.

So my next big renovation project will be to design and furnishing of my home office interior. I can't wait!

In the meantime, work went on as usual. I'm attending the Agile Software Development Forum hosted by the Joburb Centre for Software Development.

I also updated the OneLove web site. Please check out the 10 Tips to Survive The Teenage Years.

You can also watch excerpts of Chippo's Promise and Between Friends, which are part of the UNTOLD series.

P.S. To those who have emailed me asking about how Dylan and his friend are doing, we are making progress. They have relaxed somewhat and are playing with my other puppied.

Dylan has also come close enough for me to take a close up picture of him.

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