Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teaching Your Child About Sex

Last night Baby and I had the big sex talk. An educational theatre group came to their school to help them learn more about sexuality - the way their bodies are changing, sex etc.

We've had similar discussions, so a lot of the info was not new to her. But she did have more questions she wanted to ask (some of which were so awkward they rate a blog post on their own).

Thank God for the work I do for the OneLove campaign, because I had a lot of resource materials aimed at young people which I could lend her.

The one she liked the most was Choose Life. I guess she's going to be reading about sex for weeks on end!

My question for you is: what was the most awkward question that your child/niece/nephew asked when you had the big sex talk? Did you answer the question? Why/not?

Nurturing tomorrow's leaders

Sent out the media statement about the ICT leadership programme early this morning. A number of publications picked it up, which is great.

CoachLab ups innovative thinking
Universities partner for ICT leadership programme

Launch event is this evening, and two pubs have asked for stories: a 300-word piece and pic, and a longish piece looking at the issue from an HR perspective.

Contact me if you want to write/blog about this and need more information.

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Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

When I worked at frayintermedia, I did some work for the OneLove campaign too:)
It's a great initiative.

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