Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I finally finished the first phase of a client blog, and it is now ready to be heavily populated before we launch later this month. Yay me!

Working on this project was not easy. I don't have an intuitive understanding of the client and what the organisation needs, and for many reasons I won't go into, I've had difficulty building rapport with them. So I just had to rely on my brief and give them what they asked for.

Which usually puts me in a bad mood, because I work more efficiently when I understand the client's business so well that I can take initiative and do things that enhance our relationship even if the client has not asked for them yet. I really need to do better on this one.

The rest of the month promises to be very hectic. I have a client launch event, and am doing their media statements and related targeted articles.

I'm not complaining - in addition to this being good work in a recession, the writing is on a subject I feel strongly about (training and empowerment of young people), so I am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, my first post on Female2Female, entitled "Sexual Stereotypes Cut Across All Cultures" is live, and there's a very interesting discussion going on there.

It begins with you

And if you live in the African continent and you are familiar with the You Campaign by the African Broadcaster Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS, a continent-wide coalition of more than 60 African broadcast companies, you've probably seen the new series of ads for television and radio.

The ads are built around the tagline “Imagine the Possibility of an HIV-free Generation: It Begins with YOU”, and the new series will roll out over the next year, broadcast across 38 countries.

The first set is on multiple concurrent partnerships and they've partnered with the OneLove Regional Campaign on them.

Which is why yours trully can invite you to watch the ad on YouTube and to talk about what you think about the relationships depicted. The main ad is 60 seconds long, the other two are 30 seconds long....


Laura said...

Thank you for the article! Was awesome :O)

iWrite2Know said...

Keep rocking Damaria. I hope very soon you will be able to build a good rapport with your client.

Tamara said...

Awkward clients are the pits. Especially when you're making every effort to get to understand them and their business and they just seem not to help in the least. But they do make you appreciate the good clients ;-)

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