Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day In Your Life

I've been watching YouTube videos where different types of writers (authors, travel writer, online writers etc) talk about a day in their lives and really, if you went by what they are saying, you'd think that being a writer is the most boring career in the world.

As one writer said, you wake up, bath, dress, eat breakfast, and sit in front of the blank screen of a computer and well... type... type.. type...and hours later, get a drink, go to the loo... and then go back and type.. type.. type.. eat... type ..... type.

Enuf said!

The video I enjoyed was a day in the life of Meg Cabot, she who writes The Princess Diaries ( series of books), Avalon High etc.

Baby serious LOVES Meg, and is slowly collecting her teen books. Her love for Meg's books is only exceeded by her love for the Twilight series.

Anyway, what's a day in your life like? I know some of you see yourself more as bloggers rather than writers, and many of the writers who come here don't do it fulltime, so I'd also like to know how you fit in the writing/blogging around the rest of your life and job.

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Rebecca A Emrich said...

Damaria, I hope you'll enjoy the bit of a surprise I have for you at my blog, living a life of writing.

Damaria Senne said...

LOL. I did. Many thanks. I will pass the torch.

po said...

I wish I was a writer! I like a boring life. But as a blogger I have to squeeze my posts in after work. I try to come up with ideas at work or on the train.

Damaria Senne said...

I do agree that it's harder to write when you have to squeeze it in between commuting, work and life. But my friend Ms Lona-Lee Hart, who periodically visits here, says she likes having a fulltime job because it allows her to choose her writing projects.

Sally said...

As a WAHM home schooling mom who has a work blog, a personal blog and writes for magazines and other places it is tough to fit it all in - well damn near impossible. There is very few times except late at night that I have a chance to have uninterrupted time to have a few coherent thoughts and get them down where they are supposed to be.

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