Thursday, August 13, 2009

Refreshed But Still Spinning On Wheels

You know days when you push through a lot of work, but still feel like you’re behind? I’m having one of those days.

Part of the challenge is that I do have a lot of work to do. I periodically do a major clean-up on the sites I work on, looking for links that don’t work, pages that have been mis-categorised etc.

That kind of detail work takes a lot of time. And I still have to keep up with the regular updates, promotion work, and writing a couple of articles that are in danger of being overdue.

Nope, I’m not complaining. The yellow blob in the sky is back, and if it shows up regularly, I might even remember its name.

I also had an opportunity to rest and recharge over the past long weekend visit with my sister in Durban. I think it would be fair to say my picture would have been the perfect illustration to define SLOTH.

All I did was watch a lot of TV (Spongebob the movie, The OC, Stargate SG1, The Legend of the Seeker, Chuck), sleep, chat a bit with my sister, her husband and Baby, play with Matthew Kabelo (my sister’s new son) and eat. [P.S. While I choose not to publish Baby's pics on Internet or mention her real name, my sister has no problems with KB's pics being online and has published loads of them already. So there is no contradiction]

Anyway, my sister and her husband are talented artists when it comes to food. Each meal was well-planned, different from the last and absolutely delicious. I especially loved the grilled fish wrapped in bacon strips. Thanks guys!

And many thanks to Ms Lona-Lee too, for recommending me for an assignment.

It is something outside of my usual scope of work but exactly in line with the kind of assignments I would like to do more of.

Meanwhile, if you have five minutes, check out the following:

The Facebook photo-album of the OneLove Campaign march which took place in the Limpopo Province on Women's Day (10 August). You can also read about the event here and here.

Read my weekly guest post on female2female here.


Laura said...

Gosh how cute is that little man!! PERFECT!

Sally said...

He is very very cute and wow that food looks great.

Tamara said...

That fish looks divine! Making me hungry.

Ordinarylife said...

he is gorgeous!!!!

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