Wednesday, September 09, 2009

High On Antibiotics and Painkillers

So over the weekend I broke a tooth trying to eat a rice cake. The sucker broke right up to the gum! What do they put in those rice cake thingies?

The short story is, it hurt like the dickens, and my gums got swollen real fast. So I went to see my lovely dentist, who did her magic, gave me antibiotics and painkillers, and asked that I come back next week Tuesday. [P.S. And I feel much better now than I did on Monday, so no worries]

So this week I have alternated between being high, in pain and taking a nap. Not very good for productivity. Thank God I work from home, cos I can schedule posts and marketing activities during my sane moments!

Speaking of work, if you haven't joined to become a fan of Kwanda, please do. Or you could write a letter to your local newspaper or call into your favourite TV show of blog about Kwanda, explaining why you like the programme.

Read Karen Black's letter to The Times for some ideas of what you could say.

And I have another poll on the OneLove web site. This one asks: if you trust your partner, do you still need to use a condom? Toddle over there and leave a comment if you have 5 minutes. Thanks.

I was also very touched by LauraKim's post about the global child sex trade. She quotes Diana Scimone, who wrote the article she references for BCN.

"You can sell a gun or drug only once but you can sell a child over and over again."

Check out the post, leave a comment, and if you can do anything to support organisations that rescue and house these abused children in your area, please do so. The problem is much bigger than many of us realise.


Laura said...

I got chills reading about the tooth! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!

I have bitten into those hard things rice cakes have - they are DAM hard!

Tamara said...

Owww... toothache is the pits. Hope it's all gone soon and that you enjoy the creative aspects of being high ;-)

Sally said...

hope tooth is much better, sounds very painful

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