Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Criteria Do You Use To Buy Books By A New To You Author?

"The most criticism that’s levelled on writers is that after the submission of the manuscript, we sit back and relax and wait for the book to sell itself," writes Zukiswa Wanner in her latest post entitled "It's Still The Marketing Stupid!" Zukiswa is the author of Behind Every Successful Man and The Madams.

I beg to differ on that with regards to South African writers (and you can call me a fictional writer if you like), she says.

"South African writers are some of the most hard-working marketers that I know. I have never yet known anyone who has turned down a chance for a radio or television interview. I am yet to come across a writer in this country who is approached by a magazine to write an article and they do not do it. This should be enough to put them in the psyche of the mainstream right? Right?"


Check out her full post here.

So, I'd like to ask you guys to tell Zukiswa what brings writers to your consciousness when you buy books. How do you decide which new author to try out, and which book to buy?Have you ever decided to buy a book because you liked an author who was interviewed on TV or radio or you read their profile in a magazines?

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