Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Moved My Good Cheer?

Have a long list of reasons why I'm feeling extremely grumpy. Includes the fact that Baby has a stomach bug and is off school, I'm very behind with work due to lack of access to client sites (service provider problems ) and no matter how much I push, I feel like I'm running on treadmill.

But, I decided to steal Tamara and LauraKim's ideas about listing the positives ( or having Gratitute Wednesday). So here we go.

I'm grateful for:

1. My friends who've been emailing/IMing/to check on me and say "Mwah! we love you" even though they didn't really know I was off.
2. Having the resources ( a bit of time, internet access, this blog) so I actually have a platform to whine:-)
3. Kind clients, who have been very understanding of the fact that I'm a tad off. Don't worry, I'm not planning to take advantage of your goodwill. Work is work and it still has to get done no matter what.

And in terms of work, today I posted a poll where we look at some of the things women have tried to stop ther husbands/partners from having sexual relationships with other women.

Some of the suggestions are really bad and make me wonder why people would think they would work in the first place. So check out the post and choose one or two suggestions which you think would work. And please feel free to make comments on some of the more ridiculous suggestions.

Also posted a very good article on the Kwanda main site on what to do if you have been raped. The issue came up because in last week's episode, a good friend of one of the team members was raped and she decided not to report the crime.

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