Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sometimes Things Have To Go Wrong In Order For Them To Go Very Right

Yesterday a friend of mine phoned me in tears because her landlord gave her 48-hour notice to move out of her flat. And no, she doesn't have arrears on rent, and she didn't paint the interior of the flat a dark purple. But as I found out when I called the landlord, there's a clause in the lease agreement allowing either party to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

So we got legal advice and the lawyer began the process of burying the landlord in paper work. And he adviced my friend to stay put, as she has already paid this month's rent and has nowhere else to go. They need a court order to evict my friend, he said.

Except, some acquaintances moved into a new house this past weekend, and they mentioned today that they would like to rent the garden cottage out. And the amount they want is slightly lower than what my friend was paying. And the cottage is bigger than the flat, and has an extra bedroom. And my friend will also have access to a nice garden and a pool. Strange how things work out, isn't?

This got me thinking about how sometimes things have to go wrong in order for them to go very right. And how, sometimes, going through this process is a very frightening thing. Because while things are going wrong, it's very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or to appreciate the fact that they will go right again, and that maybe, the new status quo will be better than what you very satisfied with.


po said...

So true Damaria, when things are going badly it seems impossible to hold onto hope that things will improve, we are too busy drowning in the present.

Laura said...

I totally agree with this!

Everything does happen for a reason - the pain, hurt, frustration, anger - all of it.

There is a reason and there IS something better out there!

Tamara said...

Totally. It grows my faith enormously to look back and see what God has done with situations. And it does help me, even when I'm drowning in the present, as Po put it, to remember what I've come through before.

Great post, Damaria.

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