Thursday, December 03, 2009

Four Heads Are Better Than One

Baby spent the day at her new school today, writing evaluation test and doing some orientationn. She sounded like she was adjusting well and was fairly happy in her new environment. Reminded me of her first day of pre-school, when I kept phoning the school to ask how she was doing, and the principal eventually pointed out that mommy was the one with separation anxiety; Baby was doing very well thank you very much!

My friend's neighbour works from home as a communications consultant cum media planner, so this morning she came over for breakfast armed with a laptop. We sat facing each other across the dining-room table (while my friend prepared a feast of apricot/papaya smoothies, fried eggs, sausages and salad) and after cleaning our plates, worked like little demons. I managed to finish developing all copy for the newsletter, and am implementing changes from copy editor and client.

I also did a synopis for a possible supplement with a national publication and sent it to the commissioning person. The three of us brainstormed story ideas, and the women also shared contact detail of some of the sources that could participate with the stories. Interesting the contacts one can find in friends' addresss books! I also want to offer many thanks Tamara for the recommendation to the pub. Much appreciated.

Soul Sex

I also posted a copy of a free ebook from Soul City one the OneLove web site. Called Soul Sex, the 44-page booklet covers the following topics:
• What makes great relationships last?
• Getting to know your own body
• Understanding the joy of making love
• Love-making at different stages of adult life
• Sex and healthy living
• The “How’s your sex life?” quiz
• Useful support contacts
The book carries an age restriction of 16, and parental guidance for teenagers is recommended. I especially liked the chapter on "love-making at different stages of your life."

The chapter looks at teen sex, sex in your twenties, sex when you're pregnant, sex after childbirth, sexx in your forties etc. You can download the book for your own use, and to make it available to your readers on your own site.

Publisher seeks novel submissions
Meanwhile, one of the emails I got this morning was an announcement that Imisebe Publishers is looking for 5 new English novels to publish and take to the London Book Fair in April 2010.
Target group: Open
Length: Approximately 30 000 - 50 000 words
Submission date: 1 February 2010
Novels should:
  • deal with issues relevant to South African readers,
  • be original and not previously published,
  • be submitted electronically to
Royalty payments will be negotiated with successful authors. Authors should keep copies of their manuscripts.

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po said...

AAARGH I wish more than anything that I could somehow write a novel. But not before February :)

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