Thursday, December 17, 2009

Learning To Listen

This morning I realised why one new friend is in my life: to teach me to listen more and carefully my words more carefully before I speak. Nothing major happened. It's just that in the middle of conversation, I realised I was the one doing most of the talking. In terms of life in general, I prefer to listen than to talk. I already know enough about myself thanks. And as a writer, watching and listening to people is much more interesting. You learn about how other people think, approach problems, express themselves etc. But somehow, when my new friend is quiet or slow to talk, it's as if there's a prod that pushes me to fill the space. Huh! I wonder why that is.

Had a very good meeting today. Client very happy with the work I do for them. Feels I went the extra mile. And there was talk of extending the contract when this one expires in 3 months' time. Her words of appreciation were a lovely Christmas present.

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Laura said...

I dont listen very well! David points it out all the time! I interrupt and then ramble on!

So I am also learning to listen :)

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