Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Day of School And Independence

Today is Baby's first day at her new school. She's going to do Grade 6 this year and she's a bit worried, because it's a private school where they do self-paced work, and she has been exposed to the traditional method of teaching since she began school. "What do the teachers do, if I work independently? And what if I struggle getting through the assignments," she wanted to know. I know she'll adapt to the new system well enough. She's already an highly independent learner. She didn't seem to worried about making friends at the new school, because she's attended classes for a week or so last year as part of orientation, and the kids were very welcoming. But she did make me promise to call her when school is out to chat about how it went.

As it's the first day of the 2010 academic year across the country, Laura at Female2female asked us all to blog about our first day of school. I was 5 when I started primary school, so i don't remember anything about that day. But I do know that 2 of my cousins ( who were 6 and 7 and also starting school) were responsible for getting me to school in the mornings. Mma taught at a school outside the village, so she had to leave around 6am, and I was responsible for bathing and dressing myself and getting myself to school. I remember mornings when my cousins would be yelling for me to hurry up to get ready or we wouldn’t have time to play with the other kids before the morning bell rang. I don’t think they liked being responsible for me, so I ditched them and started walking myself to school as soon as I could that year.


Tamara said...

It's always scary starting at a new school. I hope that Baby really enjoys the new style of teaching and makes some great friends. It's awesome that you and her mom are both giving her the support she needs.

Laura said...

Thanks for taking part in my challenge :)

Sure Baby will be just fine. You have given her a solid foundation.

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