Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm On The Roll

Started the morning with tea at Euro Cafe at the mall nearby with my friend Gaynor Paynter. She's one of the less than handful people I actually write/edit for for free and she pays me with a pot of tea every so often.The things we do for friendship:-).

Anyhoo, we had a lovely time, and it was nice way to start the day. Then I got home, posted a poll post on the OneLove web site asking: "At what age should parents start talking to their children about love, sex and relationships?"

I'm hoping that a lot of parents have strong feelings about the issue, and that they will share their views. My view is that an empowered child will have the knowledge to be able to make smarter, healthier decisions, and no matter how hard I try, I can't always be there to point my child in the right direction.

I also resumed publishing and daily discussions on the Kwanda web site and social networks. People are still registering as members on the networks, so clearly, the Kwanda sites do have life after the TV show. And to kick-start the new year, we're talking about new year resolutions: Did you include a plan to change/improve your community in your new year resolutions? What are you going to do this year to build your community?

And I finally resumed publising on the Read SA web site. I was starting to feel bad about the site: I had some content to put up, but somehow I couldn't get into the groove enough to start tagging and publishing it.

Check out this post by Louis Greenberg(opposite pic), who talks about Home Away, a collection of stories by emiggrant and immigrant South Africans.

"In Home Away, twenty-four chapters by twenty-four writers, set in cities all around the world, make up one global day, a mosaic reflecting on the nature of home. As the provocative stories in this collaboration suggest, often it’s when we are far away from home that we see it most clearly," says Louis on the post.

Check out the post.

Louis is also the author of The Beggars' Signwriters, published by Umuzi, an Imprint of Random House.

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Gaynor Paynter said...

Hey Damaria! Yep, it was a great way to start the day (btw, our article should be coming out this week) and I fully believe that the pleasures in life should be fully enjoyed whilst we put up with the tribulations, too. Sometimes it's the pleasures that give us the strength to get through the tribulations!

You're one of the not so many people that does social networking right and I'm always interested to follow your posts. The question of when to start talking to kids about sex is an interesting one.

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