Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Productive and Fun Day

Felt like doing something light ( and totally unrelated to my usual work fare) so I volunteered to write for a colleague who is getting ready to launch the Do Movies portal, which is part of Telkom's Do Broadband portal. Do Movies essentially provides previews of upcoming movies, reviews of current ones, interviews with actors and producers and directors, etc.

My colleague and his team already do Do Gaming for the client, and have systems to get the the new site moving fast already. So I'm just an extra pair of hands and a brain. But it added a fun element to my day, and gave me a legitimate (and paying excuse) to read the movie synopses of Friday movie releases. Even read a couple of gossip sheets. Fun, fun, fun!!!. The Do Movies portal launches on Monday 1 February.

I did spend most of my day writing and updating my client sites. Marketing and promotion activities on client web sites going well, though as I've whined before, tedious. Spent quite a lot of time on Facebook, and had a good friend send me a PM me asking " shouldn't you be working?" LOL:-) It WAS work ! Lots of South Africans spend time on Facebook, so if I plan to connect with them and lure them to my client sites, have to go where they are. Also visited the blog networks by media houses like media24, ITWeb etc.

I'm also planning a Valentine's Day blog party. So if you're planning to write about love and relationships in the coming weeks, please send me your post so I can include it in the party. The blog post should have been published some time in Feb. My deadline is to receive the links is Wednesday 10th February. Underlying themes for the posts should include strengthening relationships, communication, respect, protect, trust and faithfulness. As I said previously, email me the link to your blog post at

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