Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So around 4am, I was half-asleep when I heard my brother-in-law moving around the house. My instinct for self-preservation kicked in, but my brain didn't. So all I processed was "someone who doesn't live here is in the house!"' I ran to my bedroom door to make sure it was closed, then started screaming my head off. Woke up Baby and my little nephew, and really scared my brother-in-law. Poor guy had to get me to calm down, and then help calm the kids. Lord, I feel silly now!

Anyhoo, Baby is spending the day with me. Today she said : "I don't read South African books. They're boring," when I told her about Read SA. So i put a question to the group as to what I should do to encourage Baby to read SA books, and got some very good book recommendations from members. Check out the list on the READ SA Facebook page, and also add your own recommendations.

Finished converting and loading the promo videos for the "Love - Stories in a time of HIV & AIDS" series on Youtube. Check the 10 promo videos here on the YouTube channel. Love stories starts broadcasting in SA with Umtshato- The Wedding, as the sarting film, and in Botswana on the 1st April with Second Chances as the launch film. Other countries have already begun broadcasting the series.

And now that I've finished with tedious non-writing tasks, I'm going knuckle down and go on another writing marathon.


po said...

I agree with all the suggestions that said "the Spud series", they were loads of fun.

Laura said...

Gosh I can imagine your fear :(

I haven't read Spud but everyone I know who has raves about it!!

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