Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Update

Busy day today, so you get digest version:

1. Bought a beautiful kitchen table and chairs that I can't afford. Okay, I was looking, but I just wanted to see what's available and the set was beautiful and very reasonably priced. And it was a once-off offer ( bought from second-hand store), so it's not like I could count of finding a similar product at that price. So now I'm officially broke for this month.

2. Had Sunday dinner with Zukiswa Wanner, author of The Madams and Behind Every Successful Man . We had so many laughs I even forgot to the shy:-). Zuki has a book coming out in May and has some wonderful book promo ideas I wish many South African authors would adopt. I hope to talk her into doing an interview with me for this web site, once the book is out.

3. Spent hours setting up a friend's new computer : installing new software, connecting her on the Internet, showing her how it all works. I'd previously set up a blog for for her to promote her business, so now she's good to go. Got a beautiful beauty and cosmetics bag as a trade for my services. I'm finding I like bartering with friends - I get things I usually would not have bought for myself.

And on the work front, I have published a series of blog posts on masculinity and the pressure we put men under to prove that they are men, on the OneLove web site. The posts also include the advert developed by Brothers For life, where a number of prominent South African men reiterate their commitment to be responsible and to protect their loved ones.


Laura said...

Gosh Damaria we must be somehow connected on our ideas :-p I am busy with a blog post for F2F about men and the exectations we (and the media) have!

I hear you on the table tho - I LOVE walking around second hand shops but you have to buy what you like cos chances are it wont be there when your budget agrees!

Damaria Senne said...

@laura - great mins and all that stuff:-) Look forward to your post.

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