Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What Would You Do?

Baby is still visiting me for her school holidays. She's had a number of friends visiting/sleeping over since the beginning of the week, so the house is busy, noisy, not as tidy as usual. Love it!

This morning I woke up feeling chatty, so I started a number of discussions on groups I manage. Feel free to join in any of the discussions by clicking on the hyperlinked text:

  1. OneLove - If you felt tempted to "cheat" on your partner, what would you do to stop yourself?
  2. READ SA -Suppose someone you care about ( friend/family/colleague) gave you a book that they LOVED and recommend highly. You tried to read it but you couldn't get into it/you disliked it/the subject matter does not apply to you.
  3. Love- Stories in a time of HIV & AIDS - Do You Have To Sleep With Someone If They Buy You Presents?
  4. Kwanda -Do you volunteer in your community? Why? What do you do to improve your community?
  5. Phuza Wize -Does alcohol-related violence happen in your community? What is your community doing about it? What are you doing about it?

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