Tuesday, June 01, 2010

BizTech Africa Went Live Today; Shaking Things Up

BizTech Africa, the technology publication that I said I was heavily involved in, went live today. It's wonderful, fantastic, such a beauty... and I'm so proud of the people who worked hard to make it happen! ( You know who you are!)

So now, I'd like to ask y'all to tell your friends about BizTech Africa. Please forward the link to your friends, write about the publication, email me story ideas - columns, features, news stories... they're all welcome.

Obviously, I'd also love for you to read it. Regularly. But I'm not holding my breath, as some of you are really not tech inclined:-)

And yes, I will get back to the people who have already sent me news story ideas. (Thank you Tamara. Keep them coming.)

As for work, OneLove is chugging along, If you have a minute, take a poll where I ask whether it's better to have multiple wives (polygamy) or one wife + girlfriends/mistresses. Of course there's a third option:-)

You can also join the conversation, where we talk about whether you'd tell your partner of something you did, if his/her knowing could put your relationship at risk.

And for those who have been following the short film series " Love- Stories in a time of HIV & AIDS" (Wednesdays, SABC1, 20h30), this week's installment is Chaguo - The Choice. The film was developed in Tanzania, and tells the story of lovers Amani and Faraja. One night, Amani stays out all night drinking in a bar with his friends. Faraja is angry but forgives him. However, will Amani have the courage to tell her what really happened that night — and will their relationship survive? ( P.S. That's how I came to do the poll the poll, by the way).

Lastly, I'm working on a client site. The name of the campaign is Shukumisa, and is being spearheaded by Tshwaranang , a legal advocacy centre to end violence against women.

"Shukumisa" means to stir and shake up, and that's what the campaign intends do. Shukumisa will stir and shake up social attitudes to sexual violence and the treatment of survivors in their encounters with state services throughout the criminal justice..

Anyhoo, there was already a Facebook group when I started working with the client, but I'm also starting a Facebook page, because pages allow more interaction by users, and everyone can view what we talk about and forward the links without having to sign on as fans.

And yes, we're also going to do some work on the Tshwaranang web site down the line, to make it more user friendly:-)

This should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while, no? Unfortunately, I've been neglecting the READ SA campaign posts. My apologies. And please, feel free to post links or initiate discussions on the page. The only requirement is that the post is related to reading in some way.

Which reminds me: I'm not done with the quarterly newsletter copy either, and the deadline is coming up soon. Grrrr... I'm really going to have to push that one top of my agenda ASAP. Before I start working on Shukumisa copy. It's going to be a madhouse around here.

And now I'm now I'm off to fight with YouTube. I've uploaded a couple of short films a number of times on the site these past two weeks and 2Gigs later, the films keep being removed. Not sure why, because even though they are current TV shows, I have the authorisation to upload them. Meanwhile, my client is wondering what's up with me ( it's such a small thing to ask me to do) and I've now registered on Vimeo ( as a paid subscriber nogal) so I can keep the videos there until I sort out my YouTube troubles. Aaargh!

Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of your week.

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