Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Crafty Scribe

Congratulations to my friend Tsale Makam, who recently started her own blog. Tsale is a writer and PR consultant, and I've been nagging her since we met to start her own blog. And no, it's not so long ago that we met, but I some days I am persistent. He he!

Anyway, I felt that Tsale can teach us a lot about the writing life and making jewellery and a whole lot of other stuff, if only she'd talk about it. See, she writes for Rhythm City ( weekday soap on etv), is a former journalist, and also works as a PR consultant.

She also makes accessories and made the lovely necklace showcased in the pic on this post, and some unbelievably beautiful pieces I hope she will showcase on her blog as soon as she gets used to using her blogger template.

View her online album ( on Facebook)

And nope, in case you're wondering, I don't get paid to say nice about her, her work or her accessories. You know when I find something I like, I just have to tell everyone who'll listen:-)

Check out Tsale's blog at The Write Side PR and please leave her some words of welcome and encouragement. You know it's the people who make the daily online scribbling worth the effort.

As for me, very little of my daily routine has changed. It's write, write, write.... and then write some more.

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Tsale Makam said...

Thank you Damaria. My. you work fast. And yes, I still need to get used to using my blogger template.

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