Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frozen In Johannesburg

OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. But wow! I haven't been cold like this in a very long time. Today I finally gave in turned the heater on,if only for a while. So far I've relied on layers of clothing and blankets and working from bed when it's really cold, but today I thought ENOUGH! Thankfully, I don't need defrosted toes to be able to write, so the writing process continues:-)

I'm also a tad envious of my friends who work in government, especially the one works for the Gauteng Legislature. They've been given a whole week off, and they'll also get a day off on the day Bafana plays with France. Now why don't I have a job like that?

Which reminds me: I agree with my blogger friends Po on her post "I was so disappointed last night" and Pink Hair Girl on "We were the fat kid."

The disappointing thing was not that our boys lost the game. I was disappointed by the fans who failed to support them through the loss. Who needs fair-weather friends?


tiah said...

Open plan house, mostly glass, south facing - yep, we're little ice cubes here.

My friend makes fingerless gloves...think it would be too warm for them by the time they were ready? Or is more of this on the way?

Damaria Senne said...

Ouch! Your house sounds cold. Gloves are neer a bad thing; there's always next year if we never have another cold snap.

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Yup I'm hugging a hot water bottle all the time, but even that starts freezing after a while! Can't believe how cold it's got and how quickly!

Also sad for Bafana Bafana that Uraguay was on such top form last night. And I agree 120% with you - who needs fairweather friends! Bafana need us to be with them now more than ever! United We Stand!!!

And, really, how much does it matter if Bafana wins a game or not - they are trying so hard and we, as a country, a continent, have already won no matter which team ultimately wins the trophy! Look at the TERRIFIC hosting of the world cup! Look at the colour and the energy and the vibe! SO many people (here and overseas) said we wouldn't be ready, we wouldn't this that blah blah and WOW! We've done it! YAY for Bafana and YAY for us! I think I'll blow my vuvuzela just to celebrate how terrific we all are!!! PWAAAAARP!!! PWAAAAARP!!

Laura said...

LOL I have had the heaters, electric blankets on for ages now!!

I am a ninny in the cold!

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