Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bad Case Of Ebola Sounds Like A Good Prospect

During some research, I found Photoshare, a really nice site where I can access photos for client sites for free.

I'm also going to find out if my clients would like to contribute to the site. BTW, the photos are available for free, so if you're a professional photographer ( Natacha?), this site may not be appropriate for you in terms of expanding your market.

Still doing a lot of catching up, a lot of writing. But each day I get happier with the way the Shukumisa web site is taking shape. Now if only I could generate as much content for the corporate clients' web site refresh, I'd be a really happy camper.

My birthday is coming up on Sunday. Am going to spend Saturday hanging out with some friends. Feeling lazy, so we'll probably just braai meat and do some salads. I'm also a bit nervous. The friends don't all know each other, and some may even have had a fall out along the way, and I do better one on one, actually. But one friend has been nagging me to do something social, and I finally caved in. Huh! Do you think it's too late to cancel and tell them all that I have a very bad case of ebola?


po said...

Ebola!!!! How about a cold? Although my friends always used to say they had ebola when they had colds, like a code word.

Sally-Jane said...

Happy Birthday for the weekend
I think you should do what works for you on your birthday. I am social so love having people over but if you are more one on one what about smaller things with a few people that you know get on. Like a dinner one night, tea one morning, picnic etc or is that spreading it out too much.
P.S please don't get Ebola ;)

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