Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writers Speak Out & The Cellphone Saga Continues

LitNet extends an open invitation to writers, journalists, editors, publishers, translators, academics, and everyone else concerned with the written word to comment on the government’s proposed restriction of freedom of media and of speech. Please send your contribution to:

Read what prominent South African writers have to say on the issue here.

And thanks Tiah for highlighting this on your blog.

Why does it have to be a saga?

As for the rest, my cellphone saga continues. I charged the handset for 16 hours ( as recommended by the manufacturer), then registered the SIM card and did the RICA thing at a PEP store nearby. Except the registration does not seem to be going through, so the phone is not actually working yet. Which means, I can't do the swop to my contract number yet. And Cell C customer care emailed to say I have to do the swap at the local Cell C store, costing R84 minimum. Why don't they offer a service smilar to Vodacom, where you just call a Call Centre and they can do the swop without your having to leave home or pay money? So much for changing and the new Customer Experience Officer.

God! I miss the good old days when you could buy a SIM card at a corner shop and your phone would work in minutes!

Good luck, Fundi!

I have previously mentioned Fundi as someone who is trying to help me get my work life better organised. Anyhoo, she went into labour this morning. Obvously the fact that nurses are on strike is an issue, but she's at the clinic and we're optimistic that the birth will go well.


tiah said...

The phone - ugh. And yes - the whole thing with the SIM card. Gah!!! My 3G's sim got lost between the back and forth with a friend who I share it with. I had no problem paying the R3 for the new card. But the amount of time I had to "pay" to sort it out - ARGH! Rather have spent more and had my life back. Good luck!!!

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Cell phones scare me. I can't live without mine, but still...!! Maybe I should be like Husband who refuses to buy one. (He carries my ancient brick-size one around "in case" of emergencies, but has never used it!!

And good luck to your friend Fundi too! Hope all goes well, despite the strike.

Damaria Senne said...

@judy - i don't partcularly like making phone calls, but the first tme owned a Blackberry, I fell in love. Interestingly, I got that Blackberry from the PR company that promotes the brand here in SA because my dislike of cellphones was becoming legend among journalist colleagues and acquiantances. And they said they wanted to change my mind. It worked! Still don't like cellphones but if I have to have one, I'd rather it was a Blackberry.

Damaria Senne said...

P.S. having problems with typing my i's. Sorry.

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