Monday, September 06, 2010

Crowds at Spring Fair being entertained.
 (Image courtesy of ILKA)
I'm presenting an Introduction to Blogging workshop at the St Giles Association on the 25th September. The event aims to empower small business owners and NGOs in my community to use social media to promote their businesses or cause. It's also a way to help raise money for St Giles. Basically, I donate s couple of hours, participants attend for free and are therefore empowered, but they are asked to make some kind of donation to St Giles. Eventually, it will also help build my business profile in the community. So we all win.

Spent some time over the weekend playing around with blogger. Found some new design features ( such as design template and the ability to create pages), so I was happy to bring some order to Storypot. I hope you like the way the blog now has menus at the top.

Spring Fair on Sunday in my neck of woods was great. The park was packed with local families and friends ready to have fun.  I ate way too many sweet things ( including cotton candy:-), and got to hang out with Zahn Koen Hughes,  who belongs to my book club and makes the most beautiful scatter cushions.

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