Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How Much Promotion Do You Do?

What the proportion of the time you spend writing/blogging versus the time you spend promoting your content/site? And what are some of the activities that you do to promote your blog?

And why do you promote it anyway ( or not promote it, depending on your needs).

I've realised I spend a lot of time promoting sites and my own works. Part of it is that the more readers I attract for client sites, the more people hear their messages, and the more I gain credibility as a web content writer, which leads to more work. And clients also have to justify their expenditures - it's no use having a web site if it's not being read by the target audience.

Anyhoo, talk to me. Tell me why you promote/don't promote your works and how you do it.


tiah said...

I think I do a rubbish job and need to learn how to do better. Frankly, most people know about me due to you. I am grateful. Thank you.

Damaria Senne said...

LOL. thanks! But that's the beauty of viral marketing. Someone finds out about you, tells other people who tell other people. So in that sense you're doing something right, cos you've built on whatever I may have done to help.

Tamara said...

My blog is supposedly anon, so I don't promote it at all. But I'm working on getting my company site up and running and will need to do some promoting there. Not sure how yet!

Damaria Senne said...

Wow! You have a goodly number of readers for a blog that's not promoted. But I also understand why you'd want to keep it anonymous - it must be lliberating to be able to talk about things you like without having to wonder if people you don't want to know are lurking. Sometimes I do self-censor, because my blog is public.

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