Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back To Normal Writing Schedule

I think it was late yesterday when my mind cleared enough to realise that I've been stoned for days. Don't laugh! I took the meds, the stomach pains stopped and why would I care that my mind was kinda fuzzy and I spent most of Tuesday trying to keep my eyes open? So, I'm really better now AND sane enough to know for sure:-)
Spent part of the morning scoping a new web site project, which I hope to start ASAP. It will be nice to get a big project to sink my teeth into. Small projects are a reliable source of ready cash, but big projects help me plan my business better.
I also had a chat with my  writer friend Chantal Collings about the business of writing and collecting payments from clients. And I was thinking that sometimes it's easy to focus on the creative proces and lose sight of the fact that you still run a business. Chantal said:
"I, myself, am guilty sometimes of being too trusting and have done jobs without a deposit before, but with people I don't know I've realised that I have to 'play hard ball' re a 50% deposit, 50% on delivery. This is pretty standard and I figure if they give me trouble about paying half the fee to secure my time (when I have myriad samples for them to 'prove' I can write), then they are likely to give me trouble about paying the full fee afterwards - so I just don't go there."

What are your views on the issue of trust between client/editor and service provider?


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tiah said...

I did laugh at the stoned comment. But glad the pain could be eased.

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