Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Writings Included In Another Book

Looks like I'm on a lucky streak: another piece of my scribblings is to be included in a book.

Years ago I contributed a couple of posts to a blog called the Fine Art Of Blogging. Basically, the owner was asking people why they blog, what they blog about, how they blog, what lessons they've learnt from the process.

At the time, I was becoming more comfortable with blogging, though I still wouldn't have said that I love it. Anyhoo, Mohamed ( the owner) is compiling a book from those posts and he says he has selected one of my posts for inclusion.

As Po would say, naaice!

P.S. The invitation to submit posts to the blog is still standing, so if you want to talk about your blogging process, check the blog out and then send in your submission.


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Congrats Damaria, that sounds exciting!

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