Friday, December 10, 2010

Women's Day - what about a day for men? By Moira Richards

Women's Day - what about a day for men? That is the most common comment I hear about Women's Day. But I want to say that our menfolk really don't need to feel neglected because Women's Day actually is a Men's Day. It is a day for men to look back, and to celebrate how much their quality of life has improved over the last century:

Men no longer need to shoulder the burdens and responsibilities of government alone, now that their sisters also have the right to vote, and to hold public office.

Fathers can be assured that their daughters will achieve their full potential because they have better access to education and training than they ever did before.

Men enjoy a higher standard of living because their wives can now earn good wages.

A man might no longer worry that his grandchildren might starve, because there are laws in place to ensure that both parents feed and clothe all the children they produce.

A son need not look on as helplessly while his mother is beaten, kicked, or stabbed, because domestic violence has been acknowledged to be a punishable crime.

And real men can rejoice that society is at last speaking out against the rape of their girlfriends, and the sexual abuse of their baby sisters.

Women's Day is an internationally celebrated day. In South Africa, we celebrate our National Women's Day on 9 August every year and our men will have plenty of reason to celebrate it as a day especially for them.

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tiah said...

Your reply to that question is so much more polite and kind than mine typically is.

Damaria Senne said...

what tiah said.

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