Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Books & Messed Up Time Zones

I may have landed a client that's launching a book at the beginning of February. If everything comes together, I'll give you the details of the book in advance, as I'd be arranging a virtual book tour for the author. The book is non-fiction, and I think would be very useful for business executives and owners. So yeah! I'd suggest some of you buy the book. Especially those of you who've admitted (to me) that you're not so good at marketing yourself and your business.

Thought I had a morning meeting with a researcher (working on a thesis) in Braamfontein. She wanted to talk about some Shukumisa-related issues.But the poor chica had her time zones mixed up. I think her online calendar clock was set for a South East Asia time zone? I couldn't get angry with her for not showing up at the meeting she confirmed. I dealt with the same problem a few times when I first started handling some international clients. So we rescheduled for later this week.

Got home and just hunkered down to write. I need to be generating a whole lota copy and am late with some things ( self-imposed deadlines). But it feels good to feel my brain working again.

So how are you?

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