Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm Still Not Comfortable Working In The Park

In August 2006 I wrote about how I was not comfortable working taking my laptop to the park and writing there. Firstly, I'd feel very exposed. As if I have a sign that screams: "MUG ME!"

Secondly, I've discoevered that I like working from my office. Sometimes I go somewhere else for a change of pace, but I found I like enclosed spaces more than the outdoors. For example, I'm OK working on my laptop at the airport while I wait for my plane, or in someone else's reception if the person I'm meeting is late.

Anyhoo, here's another blast from the past entitled: "The Legend of the Mobile Worker."

Question: Are you comfortable writing/blogging outdoors? Are you more comfortable writing on your notebook rather than on an electronic devise? Does it feel like you're working when you're outdoors, or is more like note-taking and preparation work?

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