Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Blog's Most Popular Search Phrase

Thank you Rebecca E for inspiring me to check what my popular search phrase is. I found that the phrase " free novel software" was the most popular and came in many variations ( e.g. free writing software).

Anyhoo, the story is that on the 30th July 2008, I wrote a post about a novel-writing software that I was downloading. The software was free, and actually, over the years I've found it to be very useful as a way of keeping track of scenes, characters, locations and chapters. Works much better for me than Word, because the info is not in one big lump but sectioned off, and each section is appropriately labelled. Didn't expect it to be the most popular post in my blog that brings a big chunk of my search engine traffic, though.

As for my day, it's been so-so. It's a cold, windy day and somehow, I'd rather be in bed reading a novel than sitting at my desk working. But web sites don't update themselves and articles and stories certainly don't write themselves:-)


A Daft Scots Lass said...

gosh, wonder what mine is.

Nice blog

Damaria Senne said...


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