Thursday, March 31, 2011

News Blurbs From My Desk

Enough stuff's been happening for the past couple of days that I need to use lists to catch you up:

1. Pam's romantic novel, The Business Of Love, is being serialised on Drum magazine. They started doing it last week. And she didn't even know about it until a reader inboxed her on Facebook, asking her if she was THAT Pamela Moeng. He he! Nice to get the public attention, yes?

2. I've finally started going through the edits of the children's book coming out in September. Meeting with the illustrator on Saturday to nail down our agreement ( sent her a contract some time back).

3. Managed to finish the client reports and articles I was moaning about the other day. Yay me! I start April with a clean slate.

4. Spent way too much time today learning how to use Dropbox ( ) because one of the people I send work has started using it and the audio interview was too long to email. THAT was frustrating.

I tried it before when a new client let me know he uses it to share files, but I never did get the hang of it.

5. Found out an old colleague of mine who's grown into a friend has been unemployed since Jan. He's a good journo, so I was very suprised that no one snapped him up when he was retrenched. Had coffee with another friend ( mutual friend) last night and we're now both now pushing for my friend to get placement. This reminded of how unstable the employement market can be and strengthened my resolve to invest my time and sweat into my business, so the only boss I have is the one looking at me from the mirror.

6. Managed to do some creative writing (400 words or so). I'm publishing a sample of my YA novel Hunting For Ghosts, tomorrow. It's still in very rough draft, but I hope you will like it. I'm about mid-way through the first draft, and only get to it when I feel inspired.

How has your week been?


tiah said...

Congrads to Pam. But what is the ethos of Drum doing that without her knowledge?

Damaria Senne said...

They probably negotiated with her publisher and if the rights for serialisation are some of which sold to your publisher, publisher can come to agreements without needing your permission all over again. Obviously it would be great if they let you know afterwards...

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