Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank You For The Warm Welcome

By Pamela Moeng

So now with the big build-up the pressure is on for me to produce – profundity, hilarity, at the very least entertainment. The mountain of online sludge holds some precious metal but all that shines isn’t platinum, not even in Rustenburg.

Between the Day Job, the Children, the Man and the must-do’s, should-do’s and absolutely gotta-do’s, there isn’t much time for penning the literary masterpiece that don’t we all think we’ve got in us?

"Find out what you’re good at and passionate about and your All Stars or Jimmy Choos will be skimming their way along the road to success," says one leadership guru I met.

But my 24-hours a day isn’t spandex – it keeps me confined to the usual not-quite-the-right-size-for-the-hips that I want to force into them. All that is a preface for don’t expect an oeuvre the size of Zambia and don’t make my blog your must-have with your morning cup of comfort.

But like that nosy neighbor who keeps knocking on the door at the most inopportune time wanting to chat, I’ll be calling ‘howzit?’ across cyberspace often enough for us to hopefully become friends. I've convinced the owner of the joint to publish some of my short stories so that I can get your take on how to improve. The first one was published on Friday. Feel free to comment!

For now, thanks to my friend D and all of you for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know you and getting your take on my view of the world.


Damaria Senne said...

You're welcome. And happy birthday Pam. It's nice that your first blog post with us is on your bithday, neh?

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Happy birthday Pam! Welcome to Storypot. I occasionally drop it for a visit so we'll no doubt get to know one another! :)

Judy (South Africa)

po said...

Howzit! I am always keen to read blogs by writers, and enjoy the verbal gymnastics :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes and the comments - much appreciated!

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