Friday, April 08, 2011

In-Kind Payment

A friend of mine cooked dinner Wednesday night and something in it didn't agree with me. So I spent the night heaving and took things easy on Thursday. Cancelled a major appointment that was to take place on Thursday, and am now trying to reschedule. Not good, but these days, I'm careful about my health, because ignoring a small complaint allows it to build into a bigger problem.

The good news is that I have finalised plans to go on holiday in May. Initially I was going to use a bunch of vouchers I have (the vouchers allow you to stay in a number of places all over SA and Mozambique and only pay for the food and drinks), but a friend of a friend emailed me last night, asking if I  would stay at their resort in exchange for writing some copy for them. Essentially, the assignment is a two-day job and I'll spend the time using their facilities and having fun, and then write about it. Once that's done, I stay on for my actual holiday. Two of my friends are very excited because they get to come along for the ride.

My question to you is, would you take on a job that offers payment in-kind, rather than cash? And if so, what are the conditions that the payment have to meet?


Tamara said...

Definitely! I guess the deal would have to be carefully structured so that expectations were managed on either side.

I would also only work like that if it were mutually beneficial. So, if someone offered me a product I don't want or need in exchange for my services, I would turn the offer down.

But I would SO write copy in exchange for holiday accommodation! Wish I had friends like that ;-)

po said...

Wow!!!!! Enjoy! I would definitely accept what you just accepted! It depends on what the payment in kind is I guess.

Pamela said...

I definitely would, depending on the rate of exchange, so to speak. Your deal is a great one. My dream of being the next Queen of Romance is followed in close second with being the next wunderkind in travel writing. Enjoy the two-day job and the mini hol that goes with it! And if Raymond Ackerman needs a ghost writer for his next book or creative copy for his next PnP advert, I'd exchange labour for a year's worth of groceries or the next annual report for Eskom for a year's worth of free electricity. Why not?

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