Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sharing Baby's Artwork

Pam's post about Nature or Nurture (above), prompted me to publish a couple of photos Baby took and then edited. The first one, on the left , is her friend C.

She then edited it, creating highlighting the atmosphere you can see coming through the picture. She then added the text. Now you all know who's going to do my ebook covers, yes?

The second picture, on the right, is the image of a family member holding hands in such a way as to create the heart. The light fixture on the ceiling creates the atmosphere, with a portion of the fan looking like a cross.

Anyhoo, to answer Pam’s question, in Baby’s case I think nature wins hands down. My family does tend to have an equal mix of creativity and art, but none of us have the level of interest / competence that she’s shown in photography. But I suppose a small element of nurturing contributed, because I raised her emphasising that she can accomplish whatever she sets out to and that she should explore her passions.

BTW, for those who are new to my blog, Baby is my 12-year old little girl. I raised/fostered her since she was a couple of months only, and had to give her back to her biological mother at end of 2009.

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po said...

Wow. I hope she keeps going with her talents!

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