Monday, April 18, 2011

So what about Friday?

The Friday meeting with the organisation I want to do a newsletter for went well and I'll hear from them soon about whether I'm their man .. ahem.. managing editor. Actually, the pub is more than a newsletter - it's a magazine, which will have 70% editorial and 30% advertising, with the advertising portion being done by an agency. Ja, it will mean that Damaria Senne Media is actually growing up, if I'm able to handle a project of that scope. Like I said, wish me luck!

The rest of the day was very busy. I updated client sites as usual, did a bit of research and writing, liaised with some people I'd subcontrated work to and looked for more publishing opportunities. I also:
  • I submitted 6 articles that were gathering dust in my computer to portal that says they're looking for general interest articles. The pay really sucks, but even a low fee is better than having the articles gather dust.
  • I edited and scheduled a short story that I wrote years ago on this blog. It's called "Cold blows the summer wind" and I hope that you do have the time to read it. I wrote the story, which was part of an online writing group exercise in 2000, I think. I hope I grew as a writer since then.
My short story synopsis was accepted for the anthology: Outcasts. Deadline is the 1st August, so I have time to write the story. Thank you Tiah for sending me the anthology brief.

How as your Friday? What did you accomplish? Or did you just sigh "TGIF"?

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