Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Book Promotion Strategies

I finally completed the two case studies and sent to the client. Yay me! I must admit I procrastinated a bit on them and I'm not happy I did, because I could have sent them out much earlier and had more time to do other things.

Here are some of the marketing and promotions strategies I'm implementing to promote books. I hope some of the ideas will also be useful to promote your own products and services:

1. Guest-blogging - I had a lot of fun yesterday writing a guest post for Joseph Eastwood. I think it's because the questions Joseph asks his interview subjects are not like what I usually get asked during interviews. Joseph is a blogger, author and student, among other things. Young - I think he said he's turning/just turned 19? Anyhoo, you should check out his blog because he's funny, insightful and yeah, the guy can write. And I'm not just saying that because he agreed to host me on his blog.  I'm not sure yet when the post will go live; I'll keep you posted on developments.

I'm also writing several guest posts either for bloggers I approached individually, or those I found through MyblogGuest. BTW, I'm still offering guest posts to bloggers, to talk about  my writing life, books, writing process, publishing process and the marketing and promotion strategies I employ. I'm also happy to chat about storytelling. Email me at

2. Press releases - I'm planning to do a couple of press releases aimed at the several niche markets. One IT business publication editor has agreed already to publish a press release about my digital publishing business for the home-based business section. I'll let you know when that goes live. I'll also do something for kids' publications. 

3. Advertising - I've placed advertisements on ( gumtree is an online marketplace much like Craigslist) and Google. So far I haven't seen a jump in sales because of the ads, but maybe it needs time. I'll monitor the situation closely.

4. Listing in an online parenting publication - I should have started my marketing efforts by placing a listing in this publication. Their monthly fee is reasonable and I'd be reaching my target market with less hassle. 

5. Competitions and give-aways - Can I just say that in the coming week I have another wonderful give-away? Here is a hint; details to follow on Monday:-) 

6. Reviews - I haven't aggressively looked for reviews as much as I should, but I do intend to ramp that up a bit in the coming weeks. 

7. Interactive chats - Gaynor, my social media consultant, is organising those. More details to follow soon.

Anyhoo, Waking Up Grandma will be available on Amazon on Monday 26th March. I'm soo looking forward to that, because I think it is my best children's book yet. Even if I do say so myself:-)


Joseph said...

Some great points here! And thanks for linking to my blog! :D

You Q and A will be up on Saturday!


Damaria Senne said...

My pleasure, Joseph. And thanks for letting me know of the date. I'll link to the post from this blog too.

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