Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Advice would be welcome

Happy birthday, Pam. It is a big one, and I hope you  see many more years. I especially hope that 2012 brings you many blessings.

Yesterday I started thinking that my local hospital needs to have TV sets and video players in the waiting rooms, so that they play educational videos to educate patients about their conditions.

 I started thinking of this because while Mma and I were in the waitingroom for a nurse to call us for a consultation, a dietician came in and gave a talk about nutrition for diabetics. It was a very helpful lecture and there were a million tiny things that i have been getting wrong while taking care of Mma and it was great to get a lecture on the issue so I know what to do ( so far I have been improvising based on what I learnt from my Google research on what diabetics should eat). using multimedia would ensure that patients and their carers get these lecturers whenever they are at the hospital and the lectures would not depend on whether a dietician is available to give a talk that day. And there'd be more visuals and more info packed into the sessions.

Anyhoo, I wish the department of health would commission something like that ( and yes, I know that they need money for lilfe saving machine and to hire more staff) or that a donor would do so. The thing is that there are probably a lot of helath-related educational material already available in the market, so all they'd need is to install a mini TV channel (like the ones the major banks run for customers while they wait in the queues) or if the hospital is too small, they could just queue a number if videos that would play on a loop.

BTW, Mma's blood pressure and sugar have dropped to normal range, with her sugar levels dropping from a dangerous 16.1 to a very desirable 5.4. The doctor was so very pleased our next check is only happening in July and we need only pick up the meds every month.

I also realised that i'm trying to do too much, basically trying to work as much as I used to do before I had to care for Mma. The reality is that my life has changed drastically and all the other tasks that I need to take care of here also take time. I guess my biggest challenge in 2012 is going to be pulling a fulltime freelance income while writing part-time. Tips on how to do that would, of course, be welcome.

Meanwhile, please feel free to download a free sample of How to get quoted in the media, which is in the updated Free Reads page.

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