Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alison McKay's 365 South Africa

Last night I attended the opening of my friend Alison McKay's exhibition called 365 South Africa, where she showcased the paintings that she created in 2011.  The 3-week exhibition is taking place at the Art Space gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Essentially, Alison painted a painting a day from the 1st January to 31st December 2011. The paintings depicted an event covered in the news during that period.

It was a lovely event, attended by supporters of the arts, friends and family. Artist Wayne Barker gave the keynote address. And the best part is that they did manage to sell some of the paintings, which retail at R990 each VAT inclusive.

I was very happy for Alison, who showed a lot of dedication to get the series done.  Pam, who also attended the event, asked me: "Can you imagine the body of work you'd have you wrote a 1000 word flash short story every day for a whole year?"

Somehow, I couldn't imagine being able to do it. Sure,  I write and blog almost everyday, with some days being more productive than others. But I'm not sure I'm capable of coming up with a new story and finishing it everyday.

Check out the article that the Sunday Times wrote about Alison's 365 South Africa art exhibition.

The exhibition runs for the next three weeks, so do check it if you're in Johannesburg. The Art Space is at 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

As for me and my writing life, today was hectic. I finally packed up my office equipment in Joburg to transport to Phokeng, travelled to Phokeng and then tried to catch up with work including several short articles for a client.  I also have a deadline tomorrow, so the afternoon was especially crazy. But a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do:-)


PJ said...

The art exhibition is truly worth a look, and if you are flush, buy a painting! Ali would appreciate the support, I'm sure. As for the flash fiction, D, I think A has set the bar quite high, but we should think about it. I think it's a great idea. I may do it on Wordpress, if I can get my act together and a writing schedule worked out that I can actually stick too. Gotta get me some of that bum glue of yours!

Damaria Senne said...

I already have two blogs where I could post the stories. One is for children's stories and another is for my fiction. I generally just put my story drafts there and the blogs serve as an archiving facility more than anything. So all I would need to do is write them stories. I suppose I'm creating roadblocks instead of looking for opportunities.

Speaking of roadblocks, check out Lori's post today on on Knocking Down Roadblocks.

Perhaps I should take her words to heart?

Unknown said...

That's dedication to a theme! I give Alison credit. Great discipline!

Thanks for the link love, too. :)

Unknown said...

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