Monday, May 07, 2012

I'm sad that Roy Padayachie has died

One politician that I really liked, Roy Padayachie, passed away while on a trip to Ethopia. I first met Padayachie in 2005, when he was deputy minister of the Department of Communications and over the years I interviewed him on telecommunications issues. 

I found Padayachie very sweet, kind and easy to relate to. To me, he wasn't just a  politician; he was just this really nice human being I happened to periodically interview. He never made a fuss when I brought Baby to press conferences, government function and interviews with him ( when I couldn't find a sitter). Sometimes he even spent a minute or two chatting her up, asking her if she was having fun. And he didn't mind that I always gave him a hug every time we met:-)

His death was really unexpected and I'm sure, a great blow to his family and colleaques. As for me, I'm sad that South Africa has lost a politician who so easily related to us ordinary people.

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candice said...

I agree D. He was an amazing person. Very genuine and down to earth. He will definitely be missed. Candice.

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