Thursday, March 14, 2013

Acknowledging Those Left Behind

Pic from my latest batch of garden photos
Many thanks to my readers and friends who commented, emailed me directly or skyped me after reading my first post after a long hiatus.

I was very sad to hear from Po that many bloggers who she used to read had stopped blogging.

Having spent months unable to write or blog, and even longer contemplating whether I should even keep trying, I can understand why someone would stop.

And once you stop for a length of time, it's even harder to get back into it. But it is also wrenching for the readers and online friends... the ones left behind after months, even years, of building a relationship with a blogger.

On happier news though, Mma and I are doing well.  She managed to walk outside by herself today. She sat in the back stoep and watched me hoe a small patch along the fence and plant some winter flowering wildflowers (her going outside on her own is extremely rare). It also provided her with the opportunity to chat a bit with a few of SIL's walk-in customers who came over to buy live chickens.

I spent a couple of hours doing some client work - I have a big (self-imposed) deadline tomorrow and I expect to spend most of the evening working on the job, maybe finishing it to send by end of business. It felt good to use my somewhat slushy brain for business purposes:-)

And how are you doing? It's been so long since I read your blogs ( those of you who do blog), that I'm completely out of touch. Over the coming weeks, I will pop in, just to say, hello. But I'd love for you to leave a comment here, maybe even with a link to a post you think I shouldn't miss.


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