Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Personal Health and Wellness Day

What I picked for the day's meals
I was very sad to learn of Happy Sindane's stoning murder.  Details are sketchy and according to news broadcasts, the police are still investigating.

You might remember Happy: he made headlines in 2003 when he showed up at a police station, saying that he had been kidnapped by Black people.

His story had enough echoes of a fairytale gone wrong to really bug me, and I wrote this post about him. I hope he rests in peace, and gets the happy ending in the afterlife that was denied him in life.

As for me, yesterday went exceptionally well. I had a back and forth conversation with a potential UK-based client that resulted in a small assignment.

The company found my details on one of the online professional databases that I registered on Yes, those things work, especially if you offer something most of your competitors don't/can't. In this particular case, the languages I speak were the competitive advantage.

Though if you do use databases to market your services, expect work to come sporadically. You'll find a match when you find a match. And watch out for the ones who pay so badly, you'll actually spend money working on their assignments.

The way I approach potential clients from these databases is that I quote you my fee. If it turns out they are shopping by price, then I'm not the right candidate for them, because I'm not willing to spend hours on an assignment that would in effect pay me $10. Still, if things work out well with this client and they are looking for quality rather than cheap, I will hopefully get more work out of them.


I picked some nice veges for lunch and dinner from the garden (you saw a pic of them above). The green beans were very soft and sweet and the cauliflower much bigger than I had hoped for when I frst started growing them.

The great news is that the seedlings that we planted for Autumn are growing very nicely. The problem is that the weeds are growing equally well. Oh, my poor back! I'm going to have to spend hours weeding.


Today is my personal Health and Wellness Day, and I'm spending the day doing stuff that will ensure I stay healthy. Firstly, I'm visiting the dentist for a clean and check-up and then I'm off to my GP for a physical.

Among other things, I'm planning to request a booking for a colonoscopy. I need to find out how my stomach is doing. It feels fine, but I had incredible pains in February and the doctor took care of it, but I still need to make sure that I'm well and not rely on the lack of discomfort as an indicator of wellness. I'll also do the cholesterol, blood pressure, pap smear etc.Then it's off to the pharmacy for energy boosters and multivites, and then some seeds to plant more herbs.

I do need to do some client work  though, so that will have to happen in the late afternoon/after supper.

Enjoy your day!

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po said...

Weird, people were talking about Happy in our office while I was reading your blog, I was thinking to myself, I have never heard of him! Then I read your blog post - well I have heard of him now.

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