Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Technical Problems

My Firefox has crashd on me and refuses to get up again. And my keyboard is not working properly. Some of the keys need to be hit hard - more than once - before they show letters. That is impacting my productivity hugely (For e.g. it took me close to 5 minutes to type up and edit this paragraph.) Thankfully, I'm getting a new keyboard today.

I'll write a proper post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Technology can be our worst nightmare. For instance, on Monday night after shutting down the computer, all was fine. Come Tuesday morning, when getting to the point of inserting my password, it just started inserted ++++++ all the time, as I would delete it, it carried on doing that. When typing, now and again the proverbial ++++ would start again and I could not stop it. I thought probably Word is giving issues, so deleted it and re-installed. Same thing. Then thought Windows was the issue. Did a complete re-installation. Did that too, same thing. Now this is a new keyboard, so banged it down on the table and it stopped. Today, same thing. Banged it again and it stopped. Imagine typing and you t+ype like +++++ thi+s. Any suggestions anyone?

Damaria Senne said...

Oi Garry. Sorry to hear about your tech troubles. To my amateur ears, it sounds like you have a virus infection affecting your documents.

My nephew did a system reset on my computer to the day before I began to have problems, and that seemed to work for me. I then reinstalled firefox. You won't lose your documents when you do a reset.

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