Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Christmas Wish List: A Combination of Practical and Indulgent Gifts

As the festive season approaches, I've started chatting to my family and friends about Christmas gifts: what I'd like to get, what they'd like and what is reasonable,  so we can enjoy the festive season without spending too much money.

It got me thinking about whether I want a practical gift for my home or business or if I want a gift that just gives me pleasure.

Here is my Christmas wish list. Some things are expensive and it's really up to me to get them for myself when I have the money, and some are reasonable and make for quick, inexpensive and easy gifting.

1. A week away to rest and relax
I'd love to spend a week at the beach, just relaxing, responsible for no one, answering to no one. 

Just napping whenever I like for as long as I want, exploring the town or city, visiting bookshops, coffee shops,  nurseries and interior design shops. Sounds decadent, yes?

2. Gadgets for fun and work

I need a Smartphone for phone calls, emails and a camera so I can start taking good pictures for my blogs. Ideally, it would be an iPhone.

I think this will likely be my gift to myself. First National Bank seems to have a very good deal for its customers, so I’ll follow up on that.

Also, my kindle reader, which I got for Christmas in 2011 is ancient. I’d love to get another one. Alternatively, an iPad mini will do.

3. Gardening fashion so I feel a bit stylish
I’d love to get pants, shorts, T-shirts/vests and shoes for gardening.  I love spending time in the garden, but I’m not in love with the way I feel like a frump while I do it.

4. Gifts specific to writers

I desperately need filing/storage solutions for my work files. So far, I’m just making do, and it makes it very difficult when I’m writing, as I like to have the material I need at hand. Notebooks and multi-coloured pens are also welcome.

A statement gift, like this T-shirt or some of the other gifts in this Pinterest board would be fun.

5. Plants. Cos I can never have enough of them.

Plants are to me what porn is to some people: more is better. As often as possible.  Addictive.  Shrubs, perennial flowers, vegetable seedlings, seeds – they are all welcome. 

This is where I’m most likely to score, because plants are affordable, and my family and friends know that with plants, I’m easy to please.

6. Books

This is another easy-win for my family and friends. For non-fiction, I’d love books about writing or living a creative life, vegetable and/herb gardening, home and gardening and country living.  When in doubt, an Amazon or Kalahari gift card will do.

7. Magazine subscriptions

I love Home and Garden, 25 Beautiful Kitchens, Ideal Home, Country Homes and Interiors and Home. A subscription of Writer’s Digest and The Writer would also be handy. 

8. Bath/aromatherapy oil and lotion combos

Bath salts/body oils and lotion combos are usually cop-out gifts. People get them for you because they don’t know what to get for you/they’re shopping at the last minute and need to have something wrapped for you/they already bought you a big gift and just want to add a couple of smaller stuff.

But I love these combos. Getting them means that I have stuff to pamper myself with for  most of the year at no cost to me. And while a day/half day at a spa would be very very nice, it’s a once off thing, whereas a bunch of aromatherapy oils last for many more sessions.

9. Artworks

I’ve love to get more original artwork.  I think I have around 10 pieces in total, and it would be lovely to get more. Interesting prints would also be nice. 

10. Linen and cushion covers
As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too much linen or cushion covers.  Cushions I’ve got. Enough to last me a lifetime.

But I love changing the covers, using different patterns and fabrics and textures for different rooms and seasons.  It changes the look and feel of the house on regular basis; keeps things interesting.

Anyhoo, that's my Christmas wish list. What would you like to get for Christmas? Are you going for practical or indulgent? 


Unknown said...

I like your Pinterest Board writers' gifts, especially the mugs with cute quotes on them. A ticket to spend Christmas with my family would be great, but unlikely to find its way into my stocking. Books and writers' and doula magazines would be welcome or a gift card to Exclusive Books or Kalahari. Fragrance, essential oils, candles, chocolate or other gourmet food items, scarves, plants, art, photos of my friends and family, music, a doggie playmate for Marley the Wonder Dog, scatter pillows, throws, flowered rain boots and a yellow umbrella, pearl earrings and necklace, a new netbook...I'd give it all up for a day with my dad, who passed away a long time ago. Actually, the chance to spend time with all my children and grandchildren, mother, siblings and friends would be the best Christmas gift that I can think of to receive.

Damaria Senne said...

Pam, in the end it's not about the things, is it? It's about the people we love and being able to spend time with them. Most of your wishlist are possible though. If only you had family and friends with deep pockets who could make it happen.

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