Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Is For Anthologies & Amazon Widgets

Buy the book and support Short Story Day Africa
Even though this post is part of the VA Blogging Challenge, the content is basically my general news - a glimpse of my writing life and stuff that I come across/use/interests me/influence my writing/I want to promote.

A is for Anthologies

So. Today my blogging friend Tiah sent me an email to announce that they had finally launched Rapunzel is Dead, an anthology of 17 short stories by the young participants of Short Story Day Africa 2013. Contributors for this anthology were within the 9-12 age group.

I was priviledged enough to be one of the judges of the competition, so I'm thrilled to see the result of their labour. Congratulations!

The ebook is available on Amazon for $2.99 or, you can set your own price on Smashwords.  Setting your own price means you can ask for the book for $0.00 (free). But if you do pay something, the proceeds will help fund Short Story Day Africa 2014.

The Short Story Day Africa anthology got me thinking: if you are taking part in the blogging challenge, what are you going to do with all the posts that you developed as part of the challenge?

Would you be able to collate them all, or some of them, into a themed anthology, which you can then make available on your blog or even on Amazon/Smashwords? The anthology could handy for your target audience if most of your posts offer practical advice they can apply. 

A is for Amazon Widgets

A is also for Amazon widgets. I've been using the Amazon carousel widget, which you can can see on my homepage showcasing my ebooks, for years.

What I hadn't realised until today is that you're not restricted to loading your own books only on it. You can load other people's books; your  friends' books, for example.  Which is how I could include Rapunzel Is Dead on there, and can in theory, help raise funds for Short Story Day Africa indefinitely.

What this means for you

Maybe like Gaynor and Alison, you've written a book that's relevant for your target audience. In theory, a group of ebook authors touching on complementary topics could cross-market each other's books just by having that carousel. And your clients wouldn'tt have to go far to get access to a more comprehensive package of information.

You don't have to say anything else, and you certainly don't have to worry about your fellow-writer's book sales admin, because buyers would click from your site and go directly to Amazon to buy and they'll account directly to her.

Anyhoo, give it some thought. Cross-marketing your products like that certainly wouldn't hurt.


Gaynor said...

Hey D. For the posts I put on Typewrite, I'm compiling them into an anthology as you say and giving them away as a free ebook on my site when I finally get to Z. A type of bait and hook.. for Pop Speaking, I may put them into an ebook to sell. And sell it on Amazon!! Yours as always was an interesting and thought provoking post. Gaynor Paynter author Working From Home as a Transcriptionist in South Africa.

Damaria Senne said...

Glad to hear there will be life after the challenge for your blog posts. Thanks for stopping by.

Taya said...

Ohh wow, I've never heard of Short Story Day. That is great that our youth has something positive they can contribute to the world.


Damaria Senne said...

Thanks Taya, for coming by. And I just want to add kudos to Tiah, Rachel and their team of elves for the hard work and dedication they put into the annual event.

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