Thursday, March 06, 2014

I is for Ideal Working Conditions

Night flowers I'm planning to watch unfold
Sometimes you have to work hours or in locations that are less than your ideal, and your work has to fit around your life issues.Today is one of those days for me.

In general, I do better, am happier when I have a routine. I know, I know. Dull, isn't it?

But I've come to terms with the fact that I write/work better when there is no drama except the kind that is in my head; when I wake up each day and do the same thing over and over again.

For me, ideal working conditions are when I'm home with all my familiar working tools around me. I could work in my office, in my bedroom or even in the garden, but whereever I am, I should be comfortable/feel at home there. Unfortunately, ideal working conditions are not always possible.

Right now I'm writing this post sitting next to a clinic bed, where Mma is lying down attached to an antibiotics drip for treatment. We will go home after the treatment, but meanwhile, I have a couple of hours to kill while I wait for the medical professionals to  do their thing.Focussing on the work helps me to not go impatient while I wait. It also helps to focus my mind on intellectual issues, rather than my day to day challenges. It also helps me feel productive.

And when I get home and I've settled Mma, I'm going to make myself a big mug of tea, go sit in my garden, watch my night flowers unfold and just take a deep breath.

P.S. She's OK. There were just a few minor issues -what was initially diagnosed as dermatitis  was actually a fungal infection over the body. Apparently people who have diabetes have a tendency to get it,  and  the treatment, meds and creams will take care of it.

What are your  ideal working conditions?


Unknown said...

I was actually beginning to worry about your mom, Damaria. Good thing she's ok. Prayers, hugs and kisses for her... It's really hard to concentrate if your heart is not at peace. But of course, my home-office would always be the ideal place as this is where my mind is set to function as it should considering that my children and family are all safe. :)

Gaynor Paynter said...

Indeed these infections are common in diabetes. A real pain. And I hear you about less than ideal conditions. Today was a prime example with first my Telkom line not working and then load shedding by Eskom. So stressful. Hope you and your mom are doing better.

Damaria Senne said...

Roche - Thanks for your concern and good wishes. Gaynor - We were very lucky tonight - our loadshedding is supposed to happen from 20h00 - 22h30, but it's almost 20h30 and it hasn't kicked in. I feel ridiculous though. I've been slowly adding gas infrastructure in our home (big stove, lamps, heaters etc) and tonight I printed out the schedule, pinned it on my board, got Mma ready for bed, nagged Nephew to charge laptops and cellphones, even made myself a mug of coffee. And then nothing happened and I though, "Huh! It Even if it happened, it WAS only going to be for 2 and half hours. Surely I can live without electricity for that long. " But 2008 was such a nightmare for me I don't want a repeat

Shawn said...

First, I'm so glad to hear that your mom is going to be ok! I tried working at a hospital once when my hubby has a procedure done and I just wasn't able to concentrate. So, I admire the way you can make your mind zero in on what you need it to do. I enjoy working at my desk on my desktop with my two monitors. Everything set up so I can zoom through things and cross them off my list. I too am a creature of habit. Early morning hours are my most productive.

Joss said...

Awww I am glad your mum is ok, I will keep her in my prayers. My husbands mother has diabetes and a family friend sadly passed away due to problems with his diabetes and his heart. I actually dedicated my first book to his memory. He was such an amazing guy.

As for ideal working conditions. I love to write late at night when the house is really quiet, with just the slow trickle of water from the fish tank which I find relaxing and perhaps the crackling of the fire.

Sadly I don't get to do that as often as I would like and mostly work, with my son charging around with our younger dog Ludo having a blast, my cats harassing me and hubby watching the TV very loudly.

I love my family to pieces though so wouldn't change a thing :)

hope you have a lovely week end and that your mum stays happy and healthy. xxx

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