Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting Used To The New Normal

In the past couple of years, I've fallen in love with Mondays because no matter how wrong things may go in any given week, Monday will come around again and psychologically, it means a new opportunity to try again. It's like having a reset button, but you get to keep the benefits of the last go-round. Mostly.

I didn't sleep well at all on Thursday and Friday nights and spent a lot of Saturday trying to catch up with my sleep. But it wasn't easy because I was alone on the property for the first time  ever and it felt weird/lonely? I lived alone for years, but that was in the city where you are surrounded

I've taken sleeping pills before, but I'm wary of becoming too dependent on them. Thankfully, Kitchen Herbwife , who is a huge resource for me all things herbal, offered me recipes for a series of herbal remedies that I'm going to try. Thank you, S. Much appreciated:)

Today was a promising start to the week:

  • I had a meeting with a potential client;  a small business owner who needs a website for a newly  registered company
  • I did a rough edit of the artwork brief for a children's story. I'm submitting  the story to a traditional publisher on their request. I really hope they like the story
  • I picked a very big harvest of globe artichokes, red Swiss chard and some yellow squash. I have to have to somehow turn that into dinner and maybe lunch tomorrow.
  • I transplanted more than a 100 beetroot seedlings into a new bed and pulled out and started drying a borage bush. There are many more growing in the garden, so I didn't need to replace this one with a new seed.
  • I wrote quite a bit. Most of my focus moving forward will be creative writing.
  • I blogged. Such a relief to actually have something to say.


Ali Fourie said...

Happy Monday to you, enjoyed your article.

Damaria Senne said...

Happy Monday to you too, Ali. Thanks for stopping by

cat said...

From now on I will see Monday in a way better light!

Alex Hurst said...

That's a great outlook for a Monday. I appreciate you sharing it. I hope the publisher likes the story, too! Good luck!

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