Monday, November 10, 2014

Connecting To The World


For the past three years, I've been using this old Nokia 3500 to keep in touch with my family and a handful of friends. Assuming I remembered to charge it and was carrying it at the time of the call. 

I know, I know. It's a disgrace for a former telecoms journo to be using this old clunker, right? Thing is, it really suited me. I could make and receive calls and texts. And most days, I wasn't even interested in doing THAT. 

I'm not a Luddite. In fact, I love tech and am constantly experimenting with software, mostly productivity hacks or games (recent game obsession is Criminal Case. Before it was Surbubia). I love having a new machines, especially laptop and tablets. And I do like being online, even belong to several online forums (I'm a moderator for one).

But, I didn't like the 24/7 connectivity that a mobile phone offers. The constant barrage of messages from friends, colleagues and family, some of whom expected an immediate response, is very overwhelming for me under normal circumstances, but more so the past couple of years. So I just checked out. If I didn't have a smartphone to receive the message, they could wait until I had time to sit at my computer and to answer emails. Sort of passive-aggressive, I suspect, but that's them breaks when you're overwhelmed.

Last week my younger SIL finally dragged me out of the dark ages. For the price of a minor repair/lunch, I could keep her Sony Xperia.

I like my Xperia more than I expected
To bypass further resistance from me, SIL loaded my SIM card, transferred data, linked the phone to my main gmail and social media accounts and downloaded all the apps I use or she reckons I should use (e.g Whatsupp, which I've been very resistant to) 

So today I spent the whole day in Johannesburg, attending a business meeting (it went well. I can't tell you more about it due to an NDA, but fiction-writing is involved) and then hung out with one of my closest friends, who turned 66 yesterday. The phone made staying connected, readings docs effortless. Who knows? I might do better with this being connected deal this time.

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Mrs FF said...

Welcome to the new age :)

po said...

Oooh nice phone Damaria! You are like my boyfriend, I have been buying him non-smart phones for years, a particular type of old Sony, because he liked the camera but did not want internet or anything. People always mock his phone :) I also gave him my old smart phone which cannot really handle anything, not even whatsapp because its memory is so bad, but I think he really likes his old one best.

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